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This Is What Hard Water Does to Your Water Heater

Monday, March 20th, 2023

If your home has hard water, that means that it has high mineral content. All water contains some level of minerals like calcium and magnesium, but some water contains very high levels of these minerals. If your water has at least 120 mg of minerals per liter of water it is considered hard. Over 180 mg of minerals per liter of water is very hard. 

These minerals aren’t necessarily dangerous to drink, but they can have a negative impact on your home’s plumbing system, including your water heater. If you think that your home has hard water, you may need water heater repair in Birmingham, MI. Keep reading and learn more about hard water and the negative effects that it can have on your water heater. 

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Signs That Your Heating Element Is About to Go Out

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

If you pay close attention, you will notice the signs that your electric water heater needs repairs before it stops working completely. Of course, this particular appliance is usually out of sight and out of mind. Water heaters are often hidden in your garage or a closet. But we encourage you to take time to inspect and listen to your water heater regularly.

Doing this can help you identify when the heating element in the electric water heater is about to go out. If you’re able to fix a problem before it affects your hot water availability, that is ideal. If you do suspect that your heating element is about to go out, you may need a water heater repair in Sterling Heights, MI. Our team can help, whether it’s answering questions about the signs you’re noticing or scheduling an appointment to come out and assess the situation for ourselves.

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Will My Water Heater Have to Work Harder This Winter?

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Have you ever noticed that your water doesn’t get quite as hot during the winter? That’s because your water heater has to battle against the cold outdoor temperatures to keep the water warm. Your heater is working just as hard, but it’s not producing the same results. 

If you need Harrison Township water heater repair, our team can help. You don’t have to accept a water temperature that is less than your expectations. While cold weather is a factor, your heater may also be losing efficiency because of repair needs. Don’t settle!

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5 Cost-Saving Water Heater Tips

Monday, July 25th, 2022

Are you looking for ways to reduce your water heating bill? Your water heater in Birmingham, MI, accounts for around 18% of your energy costs. Having a more efficient water heater means lower costs; however, it may be something you haven’t thought about. 

Here you can learn more about reducing your energy bills while making your water heater operate at greater efficiency. 

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