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The Steronizer: What It Is and How It Can Change Your Home

Monday, April 19th, 2021
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Spring is typically the time that you start thinking about your indoor air quality. The allergy conditions outdoors make you want to make your indoor conditions as ideal as possible. That’s where something like Steronizer can be of use to you.

When you think of indoor air quality, we know that you think of things like air filters, air purifiers, and even HRV and ERV systems, but you’ve probably never heard of a Steronizer. That’s because it’s in a league of its own. We’re going to answer your questions about the Steronizer in Harrison Township, MI, below. If you have any further questions or more personalized questions, we have team members that you can get in contact with.

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Why Is Clean Air Important?

Monday, January 11th, 2021

There are two types of homeowners we encounter. The first is diligent, has done all their homework, and tells us exactly what they need when it comes to indoor air quality products. The second scoffs at the “idea” of indoor air quality. While we understand the people who just open a window and think they’re done, we’d like to make the case for an even better set of solutions.

Homes are becoming more and more airtight these days—which is great when it comes to heating and air conditioning. But at this point, just opening a window for fresh, clean air isn’t enough. Our air purifiers in Harrison Township, MI are designed to eliminate any contaminants and harmful organisms in your air, without the need to open any windows or doors at all!

So, let us at least try to convince you that your indoor air is important with some information straight from the HVAC specialists!

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How a Humidifier Can Help This Winter

Monday, November 30th, 2020
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You’re doing your all to stay warm this winter. We’re sure that you called for heating maintenance and you might have even called for repair work if the issues were extensive. Have you considered your home’s indoor air quality though? Indoor air quality is incredibly important. It’s not just about your home’s health (although this is important on its own), it’s also about your home comfort.

You can come to us when you’re looking for indoor air quality service in Harrison Township, MI. We’re going to walk you through everything you need to know. For now, we want you to know that this is a worthwhile investment for your long-term comfort. We’re here to have your back through it all.

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