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Will My Water Heater Have to Work Harder This Winter?

Have you ever noticed that your water doesn’t get quite as hot during the winter? That’s because your water heater has to battle against the cold outdoor temperatures to keep the water warm. Your heater is working just as hard, but it’s not producing the same results. 

If you need Harrison Township water heater repair, our team can help. You don’t have to accept a water temperature that is less than your expectations. While cold weather is a factor, your heater may also be losing efficiency because of repair needs. Don’t settle!

Your Water Heater During Winter

In the summer it’s hot outside. Your water heater doesn’t have to work too hard to keep your water hot because the temperature outside is also warm. The water heater still has to run and heat water, but it’s not working against cold weather conditions to keep the water warm all day long. 

When it’s cold outside, the temperatures affect your water heater. Cold air can lower the temperature of the water inside your water heater. This means that your water heater is working longer and harder to keep the water hot. But it may not be as hot as it is in summer despite the extra effort. This can leave you with slightly hot water and a much higher energy bill.

Higher Demand for Hot Water

In the winter, hot water is one way that we warm up. You may find yourself taking a longer shower, or finding more enjoyment hand washing your dishes using hot water. You may not even realize that you’re using more hot water, but you are. Your water bill may increase slightly in the winter, but so does your energy bill. Your water heater is heating water more often than usual in addition to fighting against cold weather. 

Water Heater Repairs

Cold temperatures aren’t the only offender when it comes to keeping your water hot. Over time, your water heater may develop a coating of mineral buildup if you have hard water. This can block heating elements from heating the water as effectively. You may be tempted to turn up the heat setting on your water heater, but that will just cause it to work even harder. You should never set the water heater thermostat higher than 120°F because you run the risk of having scalding hot water.

Water heater maintenance appointments give our team a chance to address any repair needs. We can open your water heater and remove any build up. We can also make sure that all of the components are working at their best. Even a small part being loose or damaged can have an affect on water temperature. You may not ever think about your water heater needing maintenance, but a tune-up can really help. Maintenance can improve your water temperature in the short term and extend the life of your water heater in the long term. 

Contact Charter Home Comfort today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Old fashioned values with tech savvy results!

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