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Signs That Your Heating Element Is About to Go Out

If you pay close attention, you will notice the signs that your electric water heater needs repairs before it stops working completely. Of course, this particular appliance is usually out of sight and out of mind. Water heaters are often hidden in your garage or a closet. But we encourage you to take time to inspect and listen to your water heater regularly.

Doing this can help you identify when the heating element in the electric water heater is about to go out. If you’re able to fix a problem before it affects your hot water availability, that is ideal. If you do suspect that your heating element is about to go out, you may need a water heater repair in Sterling Heights, MI. Our team can help, whether it’s answering questions about the signs you’re noticing or scheduling an appointment to come out and assess the situation for ourselves.

DIY Water Heater Repairs

Is it possible for you to inspect your own water heater and check the condition of its heating element? Of course. There are plenty of online tutorials that will offer step-by-step instructions. But unless you have experience with water heaters, we never recommend doing it yourself. There are just too many things that can go wrong, and you may have to call us anyway. This can lead to a much more expensive repair bill than if you would’ve just called us in the first place.

Plus, the standard electric water heater has two heating elements inside the tank, and how will you know which one is going bad? For larger water heaters, there are two heating elements inside the tank: one on top and one will be on bottom. But for smaller water heaters, there’s often only one element on the bottom. Either way, getting to them is a tricky process that should be left to plumbing professionals. 

Signs of a Bad Heating Element

Even if you’re not paying close attention to your actual water heater tank, there are still signs that your water heater element is going out you’ll still notice. These signs include:

  • Warm or cool water when you turn on the hot water handle
  • Hot water that does not last long
  • Having Your water heater’s circuit breaker trip frequently

It’s also possible that seeing rusty water indicates a bad heating element. Over time the parts inside your water heater can corrode, leading to rust that discolors the hot water. Noticing any or all of these signs is a good indication that your heating element is not working properly. You can try to turn the temperature up on your water heater, but if your heating element is broken, doing so will not lead to any improvements. It’s time to give our team a call for a water heater checkup. If there’s a problem, we can fix it or recommend another solution like installing a new water heater for your home.

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