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5 Cost-Saving Water Heater Tips


Are you looking for ways to reduce your water heating bill? Your water heater in Birmingham, MI, accounts for around 18% of your energy costs. Having a more efficient water heater means lower costs; however, it may be something you haven’t thought about. 

Here you can learn more about reducing your energy bills while making your water heater operate at greater efficiency. 

1. Lower the Thermostat

While many manufacturers set the thermostats (also known as aquastats) for their water heaters at 140°F, the typical household is comfortable with it set at 120°F. If you aren’t sure, adjust the thermostat and then take a shower. Chances are you won’t notice much of a temperature difference. While it may seem like a small reduction, it will reduce costs and minimize the chance of scalding while slowing down corrosion and mineral buildup in your pipes and water heater. 

2. Take Steps to Use Less Hot Water 

Another way to reduce hot water costs is by using less of it. A family of four that showers five minutes daily will use 700 gallons of water per week. You can install low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads, which will reduce your hot water use by 25% to 60%. You will also be able to reduce water costs. 

You should also use the “economy” setting for your dishwasher and don’t pre-wash your dishes. This is going to help reduce water use and water costs. 

3. Insulate Your Water Heater Tank

It doesn’t matter if your water heater is electric, oil, or natural gas; insulating the storage tank can help reduce heat loss and prevent the unit from turning on often. Make sure you follow the recommendations from the manufacturer, which usually include making sure you don’t cover the burner at the bottom and top, burner, and thermostat. 

4. Drain the Sediment Out of the Tank

As time passes, sediment will accumulate in the water heater’s tank. This is natural but also reduces the unit’s efficiency and makes saving energy challenging. If you drain the tank, it will help keep it operating efficiently. To do this, turn the power off to the unit and connect a hose to the spigot at the bottom of the tank. You can then lift the pressure relief valve on the tank to turn the spigot on and drain the tank. 

5. Insulate Exposed Hot Water Pipes 

When you insulate your hot water pipes, hot water will arrive at your faucets two to four degrees warmer. This means you don’t have to wait as long for the water to heat up, which will help you save water, energy, and money. 

Save Money With These Tips

It’s clear there are several things you can do to save money when it comes to your water heater. Use these tips and you will begin to see the savings right away. You can also talk to a plumber for more ideas on how you can reduce your hot water costs. 

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