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About Charter Home Comfort

Charter Home Comfort started with our owner Brian Dube. Brian Dube was the President of Tri-County Comfort Systems dating back to 1999. He was looking to expand his business, so when Lori Luedtke Neff approached him in 2018, it was the perfect opportunity. Lori Luedtke Neff was owner of Luedtke Heating and Cooling but was looking to step away from the business her father founded to focus on her ice cream shop.

The two came together in May of 2019 to create Luedtke Tri-County Comfort, merging the two family-owned businesses to keep the team together. Both teams unified to “deliver products and services that will ultimately exceed our client’s expectations.”

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Exceeding Client Expectations

One thing we strive to do at Charter Home Comfort is exceed client expectations. If you come to our team, it’s probably because you’ve heard about us before. What many of our consumers hear is that we’re the leader in providing quality indoor comfort. This is true!

Our team is built on family values. One day in the distant future when Brian Dube retires, he looks forward to sitting his grandchild in his lap to talk about the legacy that their grandfather passed on to their father. Our team is built on old-fashioned values that we’re excited to share with you.

Old Fashioned Values with Tech Savvy Results

We strive to be the best in all we do here. We do this by getting to know our customers before performing our work and never forgetting our humble beginnings. Our original goal was quality, service, and honesty beyond compare, and we’ve kept this at the heart of our business throughout the years. We’re excited to share our values with you. We like to spend time with our clients to ensure that they’re experiencing the best work on our team. When you come to Charter Home Comfort, you are the center focus.