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Yes, Your Furnace Has a Filter: Here’s Why You Need to Change It

We’ve covered a lot of important topics surrounding heating your home, from signs that something is wrong with your heater to highlights about why maintenance is important. But there’s one thing you can do for your furnace that’s arguably more important than anything else, and it’s super simple.

Change your air filter! Yes, your furnace has an air filter and you have to change it regularly to help maintain your furnace and improve your home’s air quality. If you need furnace repair in Warren, MI, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about why that furnace filter is so important. 

5 Reasons to Change Your Furnace Air Filter

  • Improved efficiency – Your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to bring air into the system to heat your home.
  • Prevent damage – When your air filter gets too full, dust and dirt begin to seep through and make it into your furnace, which can lead to damage. 
  • Comfort – When your furnace has strong airflow, it increases your overall comfort.
  • Cleaner home – If dust and dirt make it into your furnace, they also blow through the air and reenter your home. 
  • Fewer allergy symptoms – A clean air filter does a better job at trapping dust, dirt, and even allergens that are in the air. 

Factors That Affect Air Filter Frequency 

Some air filters are rated to last for three months while others need to be changed once per month. But factors in your home may also contribute to the frequency in which you need to change out your air filter:

  • Levels of dust and dander in your home – For example, if you have pets you may need to change the filter more often. 
  • The type of filter – Always check the rating on your filter to see how frequently you should change it. 
  • Season – You may need to change your air filter more often during heavy-use seasons. For us in Michigan, the winter is when we experience the most extreme temperatures and use our furnaces more often. Our other seasons are milder.

Choosing an Air Filter

There are a variety of air filter types, but they all come down to a few top categories. From there you can assess brands and ratings to choose one that fits your needs. 

  • Panel air filters – These air filters are usually the most cost-effective and they are made of fiberglass, which allows for greater airflow. The downside is, this type of air filter isn’t as great at capturing the smallest particles in your air. 
  • Pleated air filters – These air filters are slightly more expensive and made from denser polyester material. Many of these air filters are rated to last for three to four months before needing to be changed out. 
  • Media air filter – This air filter is similar to the pleated filter, although it is more robust and only needs to be changed twice per year. 
  • Permanent air filter – As the name implies, this air filter is something you continue to reuse. Instead of changing out your air filter, you clean it monthly and return it to its place.

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