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Why Does My Furnace Smell?

Girl pinching her nose against a white background

You’ve been running your home’s heater for a while now and you’ve noticed that your furnace is making your home smell a little… funny. You’re not sure what’s going on, but you know that something is really off. You should start with your home’s furnace repair in Birmingham, MI.

Your home’s furnace isn’t naturally dangerous, but it is something that can become dangerous if it doesn’t receive the right care. Sometimes, your home’s heater can start to emit interesting scents if it’s not receiving the proper services. We’re here to make sure that your home is back on track and to keep you safe.

So… What’s Going On?

We’re going to run through a couple different scents that you might smell because, yes, there are a variety of scents that could come from your furnace.

1.      Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

We don’t even have to ask you a question like “have you noticed?” if your home smells like rotten eggs—we know you notice. In fact, it’s probably such an issue that it’s become the main thing you’re thinking about every day. This is for good reason. You never want to let the scent of rotten eggs just emit through your home without any care. What you’re smelling might be the scent of natural gas. Natural gas doesn’t have an odor on its own. Gas companies inject this odor into your home to warn you of trouble. We’re going to help you.

2.      Dirty Socks

There’s a stinky, dirty sock smell coming from your home whenever you run your heater. It’s unpleasant and it’s even made you question your own hygiene practices. You’re doing loads of laundry far more often and trying to keep your home as clean as possible. The odd thing about this is that your home still smells like dirty socks. It’s because of your heater. We want you to have a professional address this so it doesn’t have the potential to get worse.

3.      Electrical Burning

Have you noticed an electrical burning smell throughout your home? We know that if you’ve smelled this, then you realize that the problem is pretty dire. Electrical burning is never a good sign. In fact, it’s a sign that your home is in danger. Any singing smell that you notice should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

4.      Smoke

A smoke scent is actually normal if it’s your first time running your heater in a while. If it isn’t, then the smoke you’re smelling is a symptom of a heater in an advanced state of disrepair. We’ll help you repair your heater and eliminate this scent.

5.      Dust

Have you noticed an excessive amount of dust floating around in your home? This is something that you might think that you can deal with, but it isn’t something you should settle for. Dust is a problem. You don’t want to breathe it in and you definitely don’t want to see it sitting on top of all your flat surfaces. It’s a symptom of heating trouble that we can handle.

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