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When You Might Need to Call for AC Repairs

Air conditioning maintenance is an investment in your HVAC unit and your home. But it’s easy to put off when everything is working fine. Unfortunately, something will eventually go wrong with your AC. Regularly scheduled maintenance lessens the likelihood of surprise breakdowns because an expert can address problems before they even begin. 

But what happens when you do need to call for AC repair in Harrison Township, MI? Well, our team will answer the call and be ready to help! First, you need to understand the signs of an AC repair need so that you know when to call. There are some common signs that point to problems—big and small—that need to be addressed before they worsen.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

This may seem pretty obvious. But you’d be surprised by the number of homeowners who ignore this sign because it feels like it’s “not that bad.” However, if warm air is blowing instead of cool air, something is wrong. Ignoring this sign just means that the damage will get worse with each passing day. You may be tempted to tinker with the unit and its settings to troubleshoot it yourself, but any achievements will likely be a bandaid on a larger problem. 

High Energy Bills

During the summer you may spend more on your energy bill. But are you spending more than you expected to? Compare your energy usage to the recent few months or even a year ago at the same time. Is your usage increasing without changes to your heating and cooling habits? If so, you may be losing efficiency—and it’s costing you every single month. A quick repair or tune-up for your AC can address any problems and help you save on future energy bills.

Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when your unit turns on and off, over and over again. It runs to cool your home briefly—for maybe five minutes—and then it turns back off. It may repeat this over and over again all day long. Keep in mind that a normal cooling cycle should last around 15 minutes. When your unit short cycles, it never reaches the desired temperature and so it keeps turning on to try again. This pattern can cause significant wear and tear on your compressor, which is the heart of your air conditioning system. The compressor is very expensive to replace if it sustains enough damage that it is beyond repair. 

Unusual Sounds

When your AC is on you hear the fan blow. You may also hear ductwork rattle once in a while. Most of the sounds coming from your AC have a clear purpose or source. The sounds become white noise that fades into the background of everyday life around your home. But other sounds are worrisome. They can indicate loose parts, refrigerant leaks, and parts that are wearing down. 

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