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Serving the Tri County Area Since 1960


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“Do I Need AC Repair If?”

When you arrive home on a hot summer day, you expect cool, comfortable air to greet you. Unfortunately, if your system needs AC repair in Troy, MI, you may arrive at a home that feels warmer than expected or even downright unbearable.

If your AC isn’t working right, you may not know if it’s a problem you should try to fix yourself or if it’s best to call a professional repair service. Here are some common reasons homeowners need AC repair that will benefit from an experienced repair company.

You Feel Warm Air Blowing Out of Your Home’s Vents

If you feel warm air exiting your home’s vents, first make sure that your system is set to cool and lower than your home’s current interior temp. It’s possible that someone accidentally bumped it and changed it or that a child inadvertently pressed a button.

However, if your thermostat’s settings are correct, this indicates that there’s something wrong with your home’s AC.

Your Vents Aren’t Blowing Out a Lot of Air

When your AC has poor airflow, this means that there’s a blockage preventing the air from moving freely through your AC system or that something is preventing your unit from working properly.

If it’s been a while since you changed your AC filter, a dirty filter may be obstructing the airflow. Try changing the filter if you know it’s past due to see if this fixes the issue.

Should the issue continue, you’ll want to call in a pro to see what’s causing the lack of airflow.

Your Home Feels More Humid Than Normal

You may not know that your air conditioner also adjusts the humidity levels in your home to keep your home more comfortable. When your home feels more humid than usual, this means that something is preventing it from properly adjusting your home’s moisture levels.

Occasionally, if high humidity levels are a consistent issue, you may benefit from adding a whole-house dehumidifier.

Your AC is Leaking

Though your AC needs refrigerant to cool your home, you shouldn’t notice any fluids accumulating or leaking from the unit. A bit of condensation is normal, but you shouldn’t see water accumulating in a pool or leaking from the unit.

AC repair is essential if you notice any leaking, as the moisture can potentially damage your home.

Your AC Starts Making Weird Sounds

A little noise is normal when your AC runs, especially when it starts up or shuts down. If you notice any new sounds, especially loud or odd noises, this means that something is wrong with your unit.

For example, a rattling noise usually means that a part is loose, while a grinding noise may indicate that your AC compressor is worn out.

Schedule Your Home’s AC Repair

Don’t let a non-working unit make your home feel hot and stuffy. The sooner you call a pro AC repair company, the faster your home will feel cool and inviting. We’ll make your air conditioning repair as easy as possible.

Contact Charter Home Comfort today for your AC repair. Serving the Tri County Area Since 1960.

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