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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making These Sounds?

If your air conditioner is making sounds that you aren’t used to hearing, you may be wondering if they are normal or not. Sometimes, unusual sounds can mean that it’s time to schedule AC repair in Sterling Heights, MI. Other times, AC sounds are completely normal.

Typically though, if you’re hearing a sound that you have never heard before, that’s a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. You can keep reading to learn more about sounds coming from your air conditioner that can mean big problems. 

Squealing Sounds

A squealing sound is usually very high-pitched, so you cannot miss it. In an older AC unit, squealing sounds can mean that the blower motor belt has slipped out of place. If you catch the problem early, we can get the belt back into place or replace it if needed. However, if the belt snaps, it could damage other AC components.

Newer air conditioners use different technology and don’t have a belt system. In this case, it could mean that the bearings on the condenser fan motor are going out. Sometimes the bearings just need additional lubrication, which is an easy fix. If you still hear the sound after lubricating the bearings, then they may need to be replaced.

In either instance, you’ll be able to hear the squealing sound whether you are standing next to your indoor or outdoor unit. 

Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing sound, it’s an indication that your air conditioner is malfunctioning. Usually buzzing means you have parts that have come loose. When one small part comes loose in your system, it can add pressure and stress to other parts, leading to a buzzing sound. 

One common reason to hear a buzzing sound is when the isolation feet that sit on the base of your air conditioner come loose or break apart. These feet are beneath your AC unit compressor. When these feet break, which is common as time passes, it can cause your compressor to be off balance. While it is an easy fix, ignoring this buzzing sound can lead to much bigger problems since your compressor plays such an important part of cooling your home. 

Clanking Sounds

If you hear a clanking noise while your air conditioner is on, it can mean that your fan blades are off-balance. This can happen to either your indoor or outdoor unit. When the fan blades become off-balance, they can knock against other AC components while they run. 

This often sounds like metal on metal. If you hear clanking, you want to turn off your air conditioner right away and give us a call to fix it. If you catch the problem early, we can just re-tighten your fan blades. But, if the problem persists without being addressed, you could need to replace your entire fan or other components. 

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