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House Not Warm Enough? These Airflow Problems Could Be Ruining Your Heater

If your home is not getting warm enough this winter, your heater may not be completely to blame. Sometimes airflow problems can mean that hot air isn’t getting to your home even though your heater is working just fine. If you suspect that airflow problems are ruining your heater, you need a heater service in Sterling Heights, MI, and our team can help. In the meantime, you can learn more about identifying airflow problems in your home so you can get them addressed.

Dirty Air Filters

Your air filter plays an important role for your heater. It helps to trap dust and dirt so that particles don’t enter your heating system and your home. But you also have to change this air filter regularly, usually once a month. If you don’t change the filter on time, it can get clogged and block airflow into the system. 

Since most heaters only have a single location for air intake, this can mean that your heater doesn’t have enough air coming in to heat and transfer back into your home. Without proper airflow, your heater can begin to work harder to heat your home. It may begin to use more energy, which can cost you more on your monthly energy bills. If the airflow is restricted, then you may not get the results you expect no matter how much energy your heater uses. 

Inefficient Ductwork

You may think that your heater’s ductwork placement doesn’t matter very much, but it really does. Our expert team has to place ducts and air vents precisely so that airflow can move equally through all of the rooms in your house. If ductwork shifts around or gets crushed or bent, then your airflow can be greatly affected. Aside from your entire home not being warm enough, you may notice that one particular room of your house is significantly cooler or warmer than other areas of your house.

Duct Leaks

Your ductwork is fitted together using seals that connect all of the pieces. Over time, these seals can break down and develop small holes and cracks. Even a tiny pinpoint hole can allow heat to escape before it ever reaches your home. And another problem with holes in cracks is that once they begin, they can get bigger very quickly. It is important to schedule regular ductwork services to check for both placement and damage. If your ductwork seals are not secure, you may be hitting your attic instead of the rooms in your home. 

Air Vents 

Sometimes the air vent placement is not great based on how you have your furniture arranged. If you have furniture that blocks air vents from blowing air into a room, that’s a problem. You may want to rearrange your furniture so that there is plenty of space around each air vent. You also want to make sure that you don’t close air vents in an effort to redirect heat to other rooms.

This just causes heat to back up in your air duct system, and may not offer the results that you desire. If you have certain air vents that are problematic, based on how you need a room to be set up, our team can assess the situation and may be able to relocate air vents and restructure your ductwork.

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