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One of Your Home’s Systems Needs Biannual Maintenance—But Which One?

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

We talk a lot about annual maintenance for HVAC systems and heaters. But there is one type of system that actually requires maintenance twice per year instead of just once, and that’s a heat pump. If your home has a heat pump system, it is unique to other types of air conditioners and heaters. Traditional HVAC units have a separate component for heating, but a heat pump works to both heat and cool your home, meaning that it runs year-round. 

If you want to schedule a service for heating repair in Troy, MI, give our team a call. We can make sure that your heat pump is working at its best so it can heat and cool your home without any hiccups. We can also make suggestions for ways that you can lighten the load on your unit this season and keep it running efficiently. 

Why Isn’t Annual Maintenance Enough?

If you had a separate heater and air conditioner, we would encourage you to schedule maintenance for each system once per year. You want to schedule air conditioner maintenance in the Spring before the cooling season begins and heater maintenance in the fall before the heating season begins. 

But a heat pump is two systems in one. So in the Spring you’re scheduling maintenance for your heat pump after the pressure of heating your home all winter. Then in the Fall you’re scheduling maintenance after it worked to cool your home all summer. If you only schedule heat pump maintenance once per year you may miss signs of damage that lead to problems later on. 

Biannual Maintenance Is Preventative Care

If you could stay ahead of heater repairs and make sure you won’t have a system breakdown, would you do it? Of course! And that’s just what heating maintenance is: it’s preventative care for your heat pump. When our team comes out twice per year for maintenance, we check to make sure everything operates as it should.

Over time, components can wear down. It’s a natural process, but you should replace worn-out parts before they get so bad that they affect how your heat pump warms your home. Our team can identify problems and fix them before you even know they exist. Examples include tightening screws, lubricating parts, and replacing belts and filters. 

Signs of Heat Pump Problems

Your heat pump is fairly quiet when it operates. You may hear it click on or off, hear fans blowing and air moving through the vents. But you should never hear loud or obnoxious sounds that startle you. By the time you can hear a problem, it’s a big problem and needs to be addressed ASAP.

The same goes for unusual smells. Your heat pump should never make the air smell bad or stale. If the air coming out of your vents has a bad smell, something may be wrong. It could be mold or mildew growing in your system or it could be a part that is grinding or burning up. 

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