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Does Your Heat Vary Room to Room? Here’s Why

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

Now that colder weather is here, you’re using your heater more often. This is the time of year where you become familiar with all the patterns of your home that happen during cold weather. This includes the sound of your heater clicking on the morning, the feeling of your electric blanket slowly heating up and warming your bed, or the hum of your tea kettle turning on and the anticipation that builds in your body knowing that you’re going to be consuming something good soon. One thing that can ruin this is hot and cold spots throughout your home 

If you notice problems like this starting, then it means that it’s time to schedule an appointment regarding your heating in Troy, MI. We can help you work through the problems you’re facing so that you get the best heating possible all winter long.

Why Hot and Cold Spots Happen

Here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing hot and cold spots throughout your home.

Poor Insulation

The worst thing you can do for your home is have poor insulation. Poor insulation is the biggest saboteur of a great heating system. You could have the best heating system in the world. It could be perfectly sized for your home, properly installed, and working its absolute hardest to heat your entire space, but if your insulation is inadequate, a lot of your heating is going to slip right out your home. Don’t waste your time or energy. Make sure your insulation is in top shape. 

Bad Ductwork

Throughout the years, your ductwork can start to gap, tear, or form other issues. If this is the case in your home, you might start to notice hot and cool spots because of it. Our team members are always prepared to help you with this. The first step is to pinpoint the issue. If you notice the symptom, call out one of our professionals so that we can get to the source of the problem.

Closed Vents

Did you close any of your vents throughout your home? You’d be surprised how many homeowners we meet who have accidentally closed a vent or two and think that they’re having a deeper HVAC issue because of it. It’s worth a walkthrough. Make sure that every one of your vents is open and ready to perform in your home. 

You Could Benefit from Zoning

Zoning is a way to break your home down into segments so that you can heat each one separately. Although this is traditionally done through your ductwork, you can do it through the use of a ductless mini split. The air handlers this system uses mimics zone control capabilities well. 

An Improperly Sized HVAC Unit

Sometimes the hot and cold imbalance problems that you’re facing might have started when you got your system installed. An improperly sized HVAC system is going to cause issues. A large system causes short cycling while a small system can never heat your home to full capacity. 

Contact Charter Home Comfort today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. 

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