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Why Your Heat Pump Won’t Evenly Heat Your Home

A heat pump is a wonderful HVAC option for both heating and cooling. But there may be some days that it seems like your heat pump is not keeping up with your heating needs during the winter. When this happens, you can give our team a call for heat pump repair in Grosse Pointe, MI.

We can troubleshoot to find out if anything is wrong with your heat pump and then fix it if there is. If maintenance and repairs don’t improve your heat pump’s output, we can talk to you about your other options for boosting its heating ability. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the reasons that your heat pump might be struggling to heat your home consistently.

Lack of Heating

It is important to understand that there is a difference between a lack of heating overall and a lack of heating in specific areas of your home. An overall lack of heating points toward general heat pump problems that need to be repaired. But if you’re experiencing hot or cold spots around your house, it is more likely that the attached ductwork is to blame.

Ductwork Considerations

After your heat pump transfers warmth to increase the temperature of the air, that air blows through an attached network of ducts and out of vents located around your home. If you have rooms that are significantly cooler, there may be blockages in the nearby ductwork that are preventing air from reaching those areas. 

It’s equally possible that there are holes in the ductwork or broken steals around connections that are allowing air to escape. Hot air may be reaching some areas of your home but not others. In this case, you want to schedule an appointment for a ductwork inspection to identify problem areas and fix them.

During our inspection, we may find that your ductwork is not laid out efficiently. Your ductwork may be perfectly fine and free from holes, but instead has shifted around as time went by. Movement in the ductwork layout can interfere with airflow and prevent heat from reaching some areas of your home. Aside from repairing any holes that we find, we can also shift your ductwork around gently so that it is in the optimal layout to spread out airflow evenly throughout your home.

Vent Considerations 

It’s also possible that you need more vents in one area of your home. Larger rooms require more airflow, while smaller rims need less airflow. If you have a larger room, there may not be enough vents to accommodate moving enough heat in to increase the temperature. This can result in the room feeling cooler than you would like. 

You may find that some rooms are warmer while others are cooler. Vents—or a lack of them—are another concern that we can address during a ductwork inspection. After all, the attached vents are just as important as any other part of your heat pump.

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