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When to Call for AC Repair

Something is going on with your air conditioner… it’s not working the way that it used to, it’s making some odd sounds, and you’re just not as cool as you should be. But is it time to call an air conditioning professional?

We understand that the signs that you notice might not seem like “signs” in the moment. We’re not asking you to be air conditioning experts, either. We’re here to show you the signs so that you can contact us for prompt air conditioning repair services when possible. We care about the quality of our work so we always make sure that you have the right service. We’re the professionals you can trust for air conditioning repair in Troy, MI.

This Is When You Should Call Us

Here are some signs that you should call us for your air conditioning repair services this summer:

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a process you might be familiar with. Its name lends itself to the process well—it’s when your air conditioner starts, runs for a short while, stops, and then begins the process all over again. Short cycling is something that you might notice and note as being odd, but not do anything about. If this is the case, we want you to do something about it today. Short cycling can wear down your AC in the span of a summer because it causes the most labor-intensive aspect of your AC cycle to repeat multiple times a day. Don’t let your AC system succumb to this.

High Energy Bills

If you’re noticing higher energy bills although nothing has changed about how you operate your air conditioning system, then you need AC repair. Unwarranted high energy bills are always a sign that inefficiency is lurking in the corners of your home. We’ll help you handle this.

Low Comfort

You’re not cool enough in your home when summer hits. Low comfort is something that should be a thing of the past if you have a working air conditioner in your home. If you’re sweating while your system is running then it’s just not working. We’re prepared to help you conquer your low comfort problems. This is an urgent repair need so make sure you handle it before summer gets any hotter!

Excess Humidity

Have you noticed that your home feels even more humid than it typically does? Humidity is an issue that we’re all pretty familiar with in Michigan, but it’s something that should stop at your doorstep if you have a working air conditioner. Your air conditioner is equipped to handle a decent amount of humidity control. You need repair work if this isn’t your reality.

Loud Noises

Have you noticed that there are loud noises throughout your home? Maybe they sound like they’re in the walls—particularly in your vents. Other times, they might sound like they’re coming from your air conditioning unit outdoors. If this is what you’re hearing, then you’re dealing with an air conditioning issue. You might hear things like banging, rattling, scraping, and more when your air conditioner is worse for wear.

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