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Whole-House Generator Services in Harrison Township, MI

Do you ever worry about how your home would fare through a storm or any other type of extreme measure? This is a perfectly understandable fear in Harrison Township, MI, and we want to address it for you. The perfect place to start is with a whole-house generator. Our generator services are going to cover absolutely everything that you need. 

Small, portable generators are great for low scale situations. If you just need temporary power, then it’s going to work perfectly. If you need anything more than this because you’re preparing for a potential disaster, you’re going to need a little more power for your backup generator. With Charter Home Comfort, you can benefit from a one-year satisfaction guarantee, as well as access to staff members with old fashioned customer service values when you sign up for generator work.

Call us for your generator needs. Serving the Tri County Area since 1960.


Generator Installation 

Are you looking for the right unit for your whole-house generator? We know that this can be difficult. If you’re looking for a little guidance from a professional, then we can provide it for you. We suggest automatic standby generators. Automatic standby generators are great because they switch on seamlessly. This means that there’s no downtime in an emergency. Your home is safe, sound, and performing normally no matter what. 

You know that you can come to us for generator installation in Harrison Township, MI, but we want you to know that you can come to us for generator maintenance as well. We’re a local, family-owned business full of experts. We take the quality of our work seriously and we’re going to ensure that your generator is properly maintained. We want this system to work for you. 

Generator Replacement

Maybe you’re ready to replace your home’s generator. Sometimes your generator just gives out. This is common if you’ve had your generator for quite some time. Specifically, more than a decade. If you feel as though you can’t count on your generator because it’s inconsistent or it’s old in age, then it’s time for you to call us. We can make your generator replacement services seamlessly. 

Your generator replacement isn’t only called for if your generator is old. If you’ve recently added on to your, expanded, or added new members to your home, then your generator needs might have changed. You need to make sure that your generator capacity matches your home needs. Our experts can perform the calculations needed to ensure that your home’s generator is always ready to go. 

Generator Repair

Now let’s talk about generator repair. The problem with generator repair is that you’re only going to know that you need it when things go wrong, and you require a generator. We know that this is stressful, but we’re here to aid you through it. 

Your generator repair work doesn’t have to be difficult in the slightest when you’re with our professionals. That’s because we specialize in work based on old fashioned values and tech-savvy results. We only want to perform the best work possible. We’ve worked to hone our craft throughout our time in this industry. We want to exceed client expectations.